Premium Quality U.S.
CBD Products.

Hiqh Quality Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Our full spectrum compliant CBD oils, also known as THC compliant (<.3% THC), contain minor cannabinoids and are an ideal solution for a variety of CBD applications.

Broad Spectrum Non-Detectable Oils

Our method of THC remediation allows us to retain several minor cannabinoids while gauranteeing 0% THC, making these products safe and effective for all sectors.

99.5+% CBD/CBG Isolate Powder

Our CBD/CBG isolate is made only from USA-grown hemp. Our product’s high quality is showcased by its pure white color, and consistently tests at 99.5+% CBD/CBG.

High Quality Bulk CBD Creams & Balms

Our creams and balms can be branded for purposes that range from fitness to high-end spa products. Our buttery formulas can readily be massaged into the skin to deliver all the benefits of various cannabinoids.

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